When it comes to the living abode, you would surely want to make it comfortable, something which would replicate your personality and a little of your taste as well. So, imagine the kind of impression you’d make if you invite your friend to your downtown edgy and funky Folding container houses.

This latest and exciting innovation is sweeping over the world, and a large number of people are making eco-friendly, sustainable folding container houses. In case you are searching for an innovative and thrilling place to live, that is not only affordable but lets you arrange, optimize, and build a housing solution you’ve been dreaming of. Folding container houses are the best option available.


Benefits to Folding container houses

It is great to see that nowadays people are becoming gradually more concerned about nature. People are making an intensive effort to take care of our planet as they become more environmentally conscious.

One of the key ways in which a lot of people attempt and decrease their carbon footprint is through recycling. There are lots of wastage that we can recycle, from glass and metals to paper and plastics. Reusing the humble shipping container is one of them. lots of people are doing that and recycling them into creative and great-looking folding container houses

There are lots of second-hand shipping containers for sale in the market, which can be recycled and used for many different purposes.  We can make environment-friendly homes that are unique, well functional, and look excellent. Folding container houses have a lot of other benefits. Let’s have a look.

Less Concrete and Cement

The processes used to produce cement and concrete can be quite toxic to our atmosphere. When you build construction from recycled shipping containers, you don’t need to use as much concrete or cement. You will need concrete only for foundation, and the quantity required will depend on the area of the construction that you are going to build. As larger the footprint and the taller it will be, the stronger your foundations will need to be. To make a Folding container house, you will need smaller foundations than a conventional structure that is entirely built from concrete or bricks and mortar.

Shipping Container Building Blocks

When you are designing your environmentally friendly Folding container houses using shipping containers, you can use them as building blocks, just putting them together just as you would with children’s building blocks. The shipping containers can be kept side by side, end to end, or by placing one on top of others; you can even build several levels.

As Environmentally Friendly as Possible

As you are building an environmentally friendly Folding container house from recycled shipping containers, there are other things that you can include to lessen your carbon footprint even further.

If you stay in a very sunny climate, then you may wish to make use of wooden shingles to cover the outside walls of the building, that are either recycled or come from sustainable sources, to cover the outer walls of the building. Otherwise, you can even plant large trees or bushes that will help to shade the home and prevent it from becoming too hot.

You can add solar panels that will help to reduce your energy consumption and create an external roof to shade the structure.

There are also other ideas that you can apply to turn your new Folding container houses into a desirable eco-friendly home that is easy and less expensive.

  • Compost heap
  • Rainwater Collection
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Recycling Bins

Keeping your Garden Green

Folding container houses allows you to make an environment-friendly home than to include a garden where you can grow your vegetables! As you have enough space, you can plant your vegetables and even make a potting shed out of a recycled shipping container.

You can place any organic waste on the compost heap and use it to fertilize your garden. You can collect rainwater to water your garden, and even wash your car!  If you are going to attempt to build green Folding container houses for you and your family, you may as well go all in and be as kind to our earth as you possibly can be!